Experience, Expertise, Modern unblocking means

At the unblocking company MAVRAKIS NIKOLAOS at Chania - Vrysses Apokoronou, we undertake unblocking works of all types, however demanding they are. With many years of experience and modern unblocking machines we detect all the problems of your sewage network, providing effective solutions, rapidly and consistently! Being active in the sector of unblocking since 2000, we are committed to provide excellent services to our customers who trust us.

In the context of our work, we undertake: the unblocking of drains/drainage traps/gutters, the pumping of waste water, the unblocking from stones/fat/roots and other debris, the emptying of septic tanks, the cleaning of pipes with waterjet and the monthly maintenance of sewage networks.​​​​​​​

Being based at Vrysses Apokoronou, Chania, 
we provide services in the Municipality of Apokoronou, the Municipality of Sfakia & the Prefecture of Rethymnon. 

We also perform the control and investigation of your drainage system with cameras and video recording of pipes, repairing on time the damages in your sewage network. With excellent know-how and modern equipment, we undertake drainage systems of any diameter and size, taking care of the proper functioning of the drainage system of your home or your professional space. 

Trust our unblocking company and benefit from our excellent services and competitive prices! Assign us the preventing cleaning of your drainage system and minimize the possibility of occurrence of damages and wear!  
At the company MAVRAKIS NIKOLAOS, in Chania, we provide permanent solutions to any malfunction of your sewage network, performing responsibly all unblocking works, from the simplest to the most specialized ones!  

Whatever your problem is, we can resolve it! 
Thank you for your trust,  
in all these years that we operate in the sector of unblocking!